Marcellus Shale Rail Access & Logistics

Northeast Freight Transfer is an established freight transfer company, with  rail served freight terminal facilities in Taylor PA, Towanda PA, Binghamton NY, and Cortland NY with access to additional rail served  locations.  Various commodities used in the Marcellus Shale industry are also available through Northeast Freight Transfer including mats, pipe, sand and sawdust.


NEFT teams are experienced in all aspects of freight loading, unloading, hauling, and transloading. We have been working with Class 1 Rail carriers for 20 years, utilizing a variety of loading and lifting equipment for container and bulk freight.

NEFT has the experience to run the 24/7 operations necessary to keep the gas companies, the drilling companies and the suppliers working most effectively and efficiently, dramatically reducing costs and increasing reliability.

NEFT has the rail and trucking relationships needed, allowing you to be your most competitive in the Marcellus Shale industry.


NEFT is prepared to transload from rail to truck or truck to rail any and all commodities found in the Marcellus Shale project.

NEFT can offer ground storage, transloading and trucking to and from various Northeast PA and Southern New York job sites.


NEFT has the office staffing to provide seamless accounting and paperwork.
Let the experienced NEFT team work with you on your logistics issues.

Northeast Freight Transfer – Established, Experienced, Reliable.